Our Impact

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We have awarded families, schools, therapy centers, teachers, speech paths, and more a variety of things from playground communication boards, AAC literature, access to conferences, and more. Check out this map to follow our impact around the world as we continue to grow.


"Thank you for your generous donation to the M. G. Millet Learning Center of 10 iPads with communication apps for our students. It makes a world of difference for the students at our school, as well as the staff. 

Thanks to you, our students have a way to communicate while at school. Instead of having behaviors our students now have a way to express their wants and needs in a timely and efficient manner. They can also start forming friendships with other students and build relationships with the teachers. 

After only a week with a device one teacher reported, 'Just wanted to share our successful day using the communication device with XXX.  Today was the first day XXX successfully used the device and let me know he wanted to watch Nemo and Cars on the computer. He did not scream or try to scratch or bite me.  It was a true success!'

While it will take time for students to fully utilize the communication systems for all they can do, the impact it is currently making on their ability to meet their wants and needs on their own is huge. Teachers and staff are already reporting behavioral changes in students and independent use of the devices when motivated.  

One teacher who has a student who is a recipient of an iPad wrote, 'Thank you very much for the donation of IPads to the Millet Learning Center to be used as communication devices. I have been at Millet for 18 years teaching students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and have watched countless students struggle to communicate even the most basic of needs such as needing to eat or use the bathroom. These IPads are going to allow our students to communicate basic needs and wants, share experiences, and express feelings. Since receiving communication devices, I have seen a considerable amount of progress with my nonverbal students’ ability to communicate. One eight-year-old student was able to ask his sister to go on a walk for the first time in his life. Previously, his only communication was taking her by the hand. She never knew what he was trying to communicate! That same student was able to use a communication app to ask if he could see his dad whom he had not seen for an extended period of time. Another student was able to tell us what he received for Christmas when he came back from break. This is the first time he was ever able to share information with us about his life outside of school. I am not exaggerating when I say that the IPads being used as communication devices are life-changing. Thank you again.'

Your donations make a world of difference and will have a positive impact on these students for years to come." 


"Good morning! Just wanted to write a little note to let you know how much the donation of the iPad and software has helped my student here at the Saginaw ISD, My student was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3 and is such an incredible kid. He loves to lean new things and the iPad with the included software has helped to give him a voice. He is very capable of using it and enjoys doing so. He has figured out how to maneuver it and can now, with minimal help, participate more effectively in group situation as he once struggled. We are very grateful for your kindness and generosity."


"WOW! Thank you so much from the whole team, families, and children of Bluestone Children's Center. We are so excited to receive this generous gift. The literacy book is great, our speech team has started a literacy group after receiving it. Thank you again."