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Kids at Playground

Playground Core Boards

Playgrounds are one place that it's hard for children to carry their devices. Enter the core board, a large board that all children, no matter their verbal ability or reading ability, can use to talk about their recess experiences. 

We're opening our form for this fall funding cycle, and will fund at least 2 boards, possibly more. Our next funding cycle will be in the first quarter of 2020 if we get more funding.

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As one of our first ways of improving access to information, we are planning to offer 8 scholarships to #TalkingAA2019, being held October 15 & 16 in East Lansing, MI.

Scholarships will include registration fees for the main conference. Attendees will be responsible for food, lodging, travel, and time away from work, and should consider attending the pre-conference sessions on October 14 (traditionally, these have had an additional registration fee that we won’t be covering).

Parents, SLPs, teachers, and other interested parties may apply. You must reside in Michigan and be working with student(s) or clients in Michigan.

Applications must be submitted by July 15, 2019. Recipients will be notified on or before August 1, 2019.

To apply, please fill out our application and submit it for consideration.

Check back soon for our exciting announcements for 2020 projects!

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