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- Rebecca Martin, M.Ed. Pre-K, Special Education Teacher, Early Learning Center Malden Public Schools

“The AAC boards located at each outdoor playground area have been a wonderful addition to the ELC. Not only do the boards help to facilitate communication but they provide an opportunity for students with varying levels of communication abilities to engage in meaningful play and social opportunities with their peers. For students in my class that use PECS as an AAC device, the boards are a great way of generalizing the skill to another area outside of the classroom. What a meaningful experience for all children who have the opportunity to use these boards.”

- Jennifer Bell, M.A. CCC-SLP,  Detroit Public Schools Community District

“I want to extend a huge thank you to Julia Dapkus and Communication is Key for your generous donation.  I am so grateful for the iPad accessories!  This will ensure that my iPads are protected and durable for all the little hands that will get to use them. The speech-generating software is literally a world-changing gift! I am so excited to become more familiar with it. It will allow me to be a better advocate for my students with complex communication needs, and to be a knowledgeable communication partner for them. More importantly, it will allow my students to independently communicate and advocate their own wants and needs. The laminator will help me make therapy materials that support my students' goals. I cannot express how excited I am to see all of these items in action! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

"WOW! Thank you so much from the whole team, families, and children of Bluestone Children's Center. We are so excited to receive this generous gift. The literacy book is

great, our speech team has started a literacy group after receiving it. Thank you again."

- Bluestone Children’s Center 

- Sarah Bedolla, M.A. CCC-SLP/L, Jerry L. White Detroit Public Schools Community District

“First let me say a heartfelt thank you for paying to send us to the #talkingAAC conference as well as all the many gifts your organization has bestowed upon us at DPSCD. They are very much appreciated and well used. The #talkingAAC conference is probably one of the best conferences around in the mid-west for AAC. They bring in well known- well-researched presenters who always share what the most current best practices are. Every drop of information whether I already know it or not is valuable. When someone presents information, I already know, I'm validated that I am currently still using the best practice. When they present something, I don't know, it gives me an opportunity to grow and create better therapy, better therapy services, and support all my students with the most current knowledge.  I graduated with my masters in speech and language pathology about 17 years ago...AAC was a tool that was only used for people who had language and lost it, it was not even discussed for children or people who were developing language. It was literally a 20-minute conversation. When you graduate and you leave college you are responsible for your own continuing education credits, and you work in a vacuum where what you know is what is in your bubble. When you search for continuing education, you pick topics that reflect your caseload. Makes sense right, but we are like general practitioners, especially in the school system and there are sooo many areas that we cover (Swallowing, fluency, articulation, pragmatics, language, etc). You can go your whole career and never even work with one student who might need an AAC device, and your best practice information is sorely behind, so much so that if you run into a student who needs it you might not even know it. Time to research best practice for every single student on your caseload ( 60 students or more) is very limited and CEU's can get very expensive very fast. All of this is to say without support from the district or organizations like yourself we must work twice as hard to keep up with best practices and we and our students truly appreciate your providing this opportunity for us. When you provide this knowledge it not only impacts the students and families, we work with but the teachers, the staff, our colleagues who call us for our current knowledge. AAC has evolved significantly in the last ten years, and it continues to evolve at a very rapid pace right now, changes are made almost every day as people explore all its possible applications. Personally, I will say the absolute best part of the conference was Linda Burkhart and partner assisted scanning, there is not enough discussion on this topic and for those students with severe complex needs. I hope that was what you were looking for, if you need anything else, please feel free to contact me. There aren't enough ways to express how important your organization is. The world is a crazy place and having families who are out there sharing this with the world makes the most impact and the more society sees how this affects lives the more accepting and willing they are to integrate it into society. We all know that the more it's accepted the more our kids and students are accepted and the more doors that will open for them.”

- Anonymous

"Good morning! Just wanted to write a little note to let you know how much the donation of the iPad and software has helped my student here at the Saginaw ISD, My student was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3 and is such an incredible kid. He loves to lean new things and the iPad with the included software has helped to give him a voice. He is very capable of using it and enjoys doing so. He has figured out how to maneuver it and can now, with minimal help, participate more effectively in group situation as he once struggled. We are very grateful for your kindness and generosity."

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