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New Year, New Update!

Happy New Year from Communication is Key AAC!

As we enter our 4th year of advocating for and supporting those with complex communication needs, we want to personally thank every one of you for contributing to our mission!

We have even more amazing projects and services planned for 2022, including keeping our supporters updated with this new quarterly newsletter.

First, please welcome two new board members and assets to our organization, Amanda Valenzuela and Justin Rick.

Second, we will continue gifting playground communication boards, which are in high demand both in Michigan and other states. We will encourage effective use of these boards by providing a more comprehensive gift, including training and matching lanyards, as well as gifting these boards to the most at-risk schools out of Michigan! We did our first collaboration for 8 boards with Malden, Massachusetts, which even made their local news! (See pic!)

With the assistance of a grant from Eagles for Children, we will be providing an entire Michigan district with an extensive donation for their communication needs, including speech generating apps, iPads, playground boards, and extensive literacy training. This project will mirror what we did in 2021 with Detroit Public Schools Community District, and Saginaw’s Millet Center, totaling over $30,000 in resources.

This quarter we will be offering scholarships for and outreach at the annual Autism Alliance of Michigan conference and Michigan Speech & Hearing Association.

Finally, we are already starting the planning process for our annual Golf Outing in September. This past year we raised over $23,000 and we hope to beat that number this year! As always, every cent we earn goes directly back into supporting complex communicators.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2022!

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